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Red Bull to stay in Bahrain for 'filming day'

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

2 March 2014 by TF1T Staff

Whilst ten of the teams will have packed up and left by Monday morning, Red Bull will remain in Bahrain to conduct a further 100km of on-track running.

The team has notified the FIA, as it must do under the rules giving 72 hours notice, that it will conduct a 'filming day' once the pre-season tests have come to a finish.

Under the rules each team is allowed two days of on-track running which musn't exceed 100km in order to gather video footage for promotional purposes. The days are strictly monitored by a member of the governing body.

The team must use Pirelli-supplied promotional tyres and cannot exceed a certain speed.

The team are believed to have scheduled the test in order to collect more data which could be vital in solving their reliability woes which saw Sebastian Vettel complete half a lap on Saturday.

A number of teams have already taken advantage of the days, with Mercedes conducting its 100km of running at Silverstone ahead of the first pre-season test.