Haas expects decision on American team 'soon'

Pirelli Media

3 March 2014 by TF1T Staff

NASCAR team owner Gene Haas says he expects the FIA to make a decision 'soon' on whether his proposed American-based Formula 1 team will be successful in securing a slot on the 2015 grid.

The decision was expected on Friday and it's believed Haas' entrant is favourite, but faces stiff competition from a Romanian applicant which has support from the country's government.

It would be possible however for both to join as the regulations allow a maximum of 13 teams on the grid and, at present, we have just 11.

Speaking at the weekend, Haas said he hoped an announcement would be make within a fortnight.

"They [the FIA] said they were going to have a decision by Friday," he said. "They notified us on Friday that, no, they that was just one part of that decision-making process, that the [final] decision making process would come later.

"They didn't give us an exact date, but hopefully it will be in another week or two, maybe even longer.

"From what I've learned talking to other people, this is fairly normal. There are lots of dates they have. They don't really make a decision until they're sure what they want the decision to be."