Long Beach city council delay F1 decision

Williams F1 Team, LAT

6 March 2014 by TF1T Staff

A decision as to whether to open up a contract which would allow Formula 1 to return to the streets of Long Beach has been delayed.

The city council met on Tuesday during a closed session, as reported by The F1 Times last week, to discuss whether to automatically renew IndyCar's contract, or whether to put it out to bid.

It's believed they failed to come to a decision and will now gather further information before convening again later in the year.

Next month's IndyCar race will be it's 40th on the city's streets before its contract expires in 2015, which, if the council vote in favour of opening up the contract, could see F1 take over as early as 2016.

Bernie Ecclestone wrote to the council last year to express a desire to see the sport return to the West Coast of America.