Much less pressure at Williams than Ferrari - Massa

Williams F1, LAT

12 March 2014 by TF1T Staff

Felipe Massa is enjoying a much more relaxed atmosphere at Williams compared to his former team, Ferrari, and he believes it will have a positive impact on his results.

The Brazilian departed Ferrari at the end of the last season and moved to Williams where he admits to being much happier.

"The pressure is definitely less [than at Ferrari]," he said. "If you are competitive it [pressure] will always be high in F1. But the way you feel it [at Ferrari] is different.

"Here I feel relaxed; I have a lot of respect for the team and the way they work. Maybe it will [effect my driving]. It helps, I feel good."

The 32-year-old is also having to adapt the way in which he works with his new British engineers compared to their counterparts at Ferrari.

"The mentality and atmosphere of the team is very different," he added. "At Ferrari it is very open, you never see a mechanic working quietly. You never see an Italian talking without shaking the hands!

"The English are very quiet and correct. They talk to you like they've done something wrong even if they haven't.

"I'm really enjoying it a lot. I'm very open and Latin. I'm trying to pass on the way I am to the team."