Red Bull's rivals heeded FIA advice on fuel flow

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

17 March 2014 by TF1T Staff

Red Bull's rivals all took notice of the FIA's advice regarding fuel flow during the Australian Grand Prix, but they shared the team's doubts over the accuracy of the sensor.

Red Bull chose to ignore the FIA's warnings during the race that Daniel Ricciardo was exceeding the 100kg/h fuel flow limit, instead opting to rely on their own data which they believed was more accurate.

The other ten teams however didn't, and when warned by the FIA that they were nearing the limit, they dialled the fuel flow back when asked to do so.

The teams were warned that they would face consequences if they went over 100kg/h as measured by the FIA's standard flow sensor provided by Gill Sensors.

The sensor supplier claims that 52 per cent of its meters are with a 0.1 per cent accuracy reading, with 92 per cent within 0.25 per cent.

Red Bull chose to rely on its own readings throughout the race, doubting the readings coming from its FIA supplied sensor and therefore ignoring requests to decrease fuel flow.

Ferrari's Stefano Domenicali said the teams must trust the governing body and abide by its advice.

"We need to rely on the fact that it is a situation that is well managed by the FIA, and that is it to be honest," he told Autosport.

"We have the FIA that will do their job and I am sure there will not be a problem at all."

Red Bull has appealed the decision to disqualify Ricciardo as a result, saying it can prove they never exceeded the maximum fuel flow allowed under the regulations.