'I'm over the disappointment now' - Ricciardo

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

27 March 2014 by TF1T Staff

Daniel Ricciardo says he's had time to get over the disappointment of being disqualified from his maiden podium at his home race in Australia.

The Red Bull driver finished second in Melbourne, but was later excluded after the race stewards found his car had "consistently exceeded the maximum fuel flow" limit.

Whilst Red Bull have appealed the ruling, Ricciardo says he's "over it" despite earlier earlier feeling down about the decision.

"I've obviously had a bit of time to get over it, so I'm alright now," he said on Thursday. "On Sunday evening it was a bit disappointing and obviously not the news you want to hear when you're trying to celebrate. Sunday night I had a bit of time to think and on Monday I had a few cameras in my face at the airport and that let me know about it.

"I couldn't really escape it for 24 hours but after that I was home and did some good training, spending time with friends and family. I was staying occupied and not thinking about it too much more. If anything I took more positives out of the weekend than negatives."

He admits he knew nothing of the sensor problem, despite the FIA informing the team throughout the race that they were breaching the 100kg/h limit.

"I knew nothing about it," he confirmed. "Obviously during the race we're doing the whole fuel-saving thing and the team is giving us information about how much to save during a lap, but nothing more than that."