Massa: 'I was right to ignore team orders'

Williams, LAT

30 March 2014 by TF1T Staff

Felipe Massa insists he did the right thing by ignoring team orders to allow team-mate Valtteri Bottas past during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The Williams driver was told: "Bottas is faster than you", and that he "shouldn't hold him up". Massa though continued to push and even duelled with the Finn to maintain position.

The Brazilian says his decision was justified as Bottas wouldn't have been able to catch Jenson Button ahead, so the result wouldn't have changed.

"What I did was correct. I am trying to do my best for the team and that's the most important thing," he told Autosport

"I'm sure the result would not have changed even if I had let him by, so it's the same.

"The team respects me 100 per cent and they showed they respect me after the race, so I have no problem at all."