Rosberg and Hamilton to have 'clear the air' talks


17 April 2014 by TF1T Staff

Nico Rosberg says he and team-mate Lewis Hamilton will sit down with their team ahead of this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix to clear the air after the pair battled wheel-to-wheel during the Bahrain GP and nearly made contact on several occasions.

The pair were given the go-ahead to race one another, but Rosberg complained over the radio at one point that Hamilton was pushing things too far. After the race however the German admitted that overall it was a fair battle.

"The only example which I thought was above the limits was where I came on the radio," he said on Thursday.

"All the other examples were really tough racing but with the necessary respect."

"Let's go for the majority at Bahrain, which was tough but respectful racing," he added. "Let's stick with that rather than picking out one minor example."

Rosberg confirmed talks would take place to analyse what was too much and what was fair, should the same scenario present itself again.

"It's completely normal that as a team, when there are situations or races where a lot has happened and which are intense battles, you are going to sit down and discuss," he said.

"We make sure everybody knows everybody's opinions and we review and then completely put it behind us and push on full attack."