Red Bull will accept that fuel sensors are correct

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

17 April 2014 by TF1T Staff

Red Bull team principal says the outfit must now accept that the fuel flow sensors provided by the FIA and Gill are correct, despite concerns over their accuracy.

The Austrian outfit chose to ignore the sensors data in Australia which resulted in Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification. That decision was upheld during an appeal and therefore Horner says they must accept the data.

"I think all that it [the appeal verdict] has resolved is that the fuel flow sensor is de facto," he told reporters in China.

"Even if it is 25 per cent out, it is the point of reference. I think that is the conclusion that we have to conclude from the hearing."

Horner is hopeful that the sensors will prove more accurate the more familiar teams become with them.

"It cannot be disputed that there has been quite a few issues with these sensors.

"Hopefully with more experience and time they will become more and more reliable, but we didn't have those issues in Bahrain and hopefully that will continue to be the case."