Ricciardo doesn't want conflict as Vettel ignores team

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

20 April 2014 by Ryan Wood

Tensions could soon flare in the Red Bull camp after Sebastian Vettel refused to follow team orders to let his faster team-mate through during the Chinese Grand Prix.

After the first round of stops, with Daniel Ricciardo closing up behind, Vettel's engineer came on the radio to ask his driver to move aside due to their different strategies. Vettel however refused.

Engineer: "Sebastian let Ricciardo through."

Vettel: "Which tyre is he [Ricciardo] on."

Engineer: "Tyres. He stopped later than you."

Vettel: "Tough luck."

Ricciardo however has tried to diffuse the situation and says he doesn't want any conflict with his team-mate, adding that he'll likely chat to Vettel about the situation.

"I was not aware of what he was saying during the race," said the Australian. "I wasn't sure what strategy we were both on but I got past. I don't want to start any conflicts.

"Your team-mate is the first guy you always look at and I'm sure Seb won't be happy with his result today," he told Autosport.

"It's not going to make him not talk to me. I'm sure we'll still chat. He'll just work a bit harder and see where he can improve for the next one. I won't rest either."