Red Bull hits back at Mercedes over fuel-gate


22 April 2014 by TF1T Staff

Red Bull has accused Mercedes of becoming "rattled" and says the team is "sweating" over the champions current performance surge which has seen them, arguably, become the second quickest team.

The team's so-called 'Red Bull Spy' believes Mercedes stance at the International Court of Appeal hearing, in which Mercedes demanded "a more severe sanction of a ban of no less than three races, plus a disqualification for a further six months, suspended for a year", is proof the team are beginning to fear that Red Bull may be catching up.

"The big news we're digesting is that the playful scamps at Merc decided to have a good old sticky-beak at our appeal and requested we receive a three-race ban," read a post from the spy.

"There's a few pursed lips from our management at that but they've decided to rise above it and not comment - but down here at the coalface you can be sure we're telling our mates in the next garage along where they can shove that three-pointed star.

"Actually it's quite reassuring: it means we're getting close enough to get them rattled and sweating a bit. Back in February that looked pretty unlikely. At least that's what Spy thinks: it seems we've undergone a change in the last couple of weeks.

"It's going to be a long time before we completely understand this car but we've gone past the stage of just trying to get it to work and are now into the stage of trying to make it go faster."

Many however believe Mercedes call for tougher sanctions which simply to get back at Red Bull after they acted in a similar fashion last year when Mercedes were accused of private testing.