Hakkinen: 'Alonso completely dominating Raikkonen'


29 April 2014 by TF1T Staff

Kimi Raikkonen must get on terms with Fernando Alonso quickly if he's to remain at Ferrari, fellow Finnish champion Mika Hakkinen has urged.

Hakkinen, who was pivotal in Raikkonen's career at McLaren where he won nine races before becoming champion with Ferrari, admitted that Alonso is completely dominating his fellow countryman this season so far, with 41 points to 11.

"Kimi has problems and they need to be resolved," Hakkinen told Hermes. "At the moment Alonso is utterly dominating him — the difference is not small.

"There have been four races and I would have expected him to settle in by now. His car is not so catastrophically bad that he can't do anything about Alonso.

"Kimi needs to do something, and he needs to do it very soon."

It's widely known that Raikkonen doesn't like simulators and often refuses to use them. Hakkinen though has urged Raikkonen to consider using the break between China and Spain wisely.

"The simulator is a good tool. You can try out all sorts of setting changes," he added.

"But I don't want to be giving Kimi advice, because I'm assuming that a world champion is already concentrated on solving his problems so that he can beat his team-mate and deliver decent performances."