Imagining the future of F1: Human Ignition (Ep.3)

3 May 2014 by TF1T Staff

Formula 1 is an ever changing and adapting sport. The cars have come a long way since the sports beginnings back in the 1950s with the introduction of aerodynamics, ground-effect and now hybrid-engines.

What might the distant future hold for the sport? As part of a collaboration between energy-drink Burn, Lotus and a handful of designers, we take a look at some extreme examples.

In the third episode of 'Human Ignition', we discover what it really means to race these powerful machines — for the body and the mind, gaining insights from some of the sport's all-time legends, current players and next generation of rising stars.

Then it's down to MLF to turn it all into an augmented experience that fits their blossoming vision for F1's future. But what if they removed the driver's entirely, would it still be F1?

So far we've looked at the car, the track and the driver. Tune in next time for the final instalment of Human Ignition where we set our sights on F1's core component — its fans.