Todt blasts teams over 'joke' cost cut proposals

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12 May 2014 by TF1T Staff

FIA president Jean Todt has called the suggestions to reduce spending put forward by six of the biggest teams a "joke".

The F1 Strategy Group, which includes Todt, Bernie Ecclestone, Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams and Lotus, met last week to put forward ideas which included a ban on tyre warmers, active suspension and other standardised parts.

Todt criticised the so-called 'three-year plan' to cut costs, believing it was just a drop in the ocean. He has called for far tougher measures and will meet with all 11 teams to voice his concerns.

"What was proposed? It was a joke," said the Frenchman at the weekend during the Spanish Grand Prix.

"We know the budgets are between $100 million and $400 million," he added. "The proposals that they seem happy with are to reduce budgets by $2 million, which is ridiculous.

"When we speak about costs we must speak about reducing it by 30-40 per cent. Then we can feel comfortable."

Todt has some of his own ideas, but says he's keen to see what the smaller outfits suggest when he meets with them.

"So what can we do? I have some ideas. I gave some input, and I want to see what the teams say.

"We will meet with all the people and hopefully they are sensible people and they come with some sensible suggestions."