Hamilton 'almost impossible to beat' - Hill

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16 May 2014 by Ryan Wood

Lewis Hamilton could very well go unbeaten throughout the 2014 season according to 1996 World Champion Damon Hill.

The former Williams driver enjoyed a dominant season on his way to the championship with eight wins to his team-mates four, but he believes Hamilton's season could be even more commanding.

"Up until this season, it always looked like Lewis's focus could go at any time," he told the BBC. "He now seems to have the demeanour of someone who is totally content.

"I do wonder if he is just cruising. I think he has another gear. He is so focused on the job, I think he will be almost impossible to beat."

Hamilton has so far won four of the first five races, only missing out on a potential victory in Australia through reliability.

Hill says his dominance over team-mate Nico Rosberg could spell the end of Rosberg's challenge.

"Nico had two opportunities to beat Lewis – in Bahrain and Spain – but he let them slip through his fingers. That might already be too much to recover from."