Ferrari certain of a power boost in Canada


23 May 2014 by Ryan Wood

Ferrari are confident of making a step forward at the Canadian Grand Prix on both the engine and aerodynamic side.

The team have so far struggled throughout 2014, achieving just one podium with Fernando Alonso in China before falling back down the order.

James Allison is hoping the latest updates, which will come after Monaco, will go some way in lifting their performance to enable them to again compete for a top three position.

"As time goes by on the dynos, you learn exactly where you can exploit the performance more, and that brings you confidence to bring new settings at the track that deliver actual horsepower to the wheels.

"That happens continuously and we do have a step in that direction coming in Canada," he explained, noting the fact they can only deliver software upgrades, not hardware, due to the development freeze.

With regards tangible upgrades, Ferrari will also be bringing modifications to the North American race and those after it.

"We bought some upgrades to China that worked reasonably well. The car had a good weekend there - that was a combination of some improvements that we made and a track that suited us a little bit better.

"We bought some things to Spain as well, but it was a much more modest set of pieces.

"However, we've had a race or two where the pieces we brought to the track were useful but not big steps forward. We hope in the coming races to have a more steady progression of things which we hope will lift us up."