Haas likely to delay entry until 2016 season

Haas Automation

29 May 2014 by TF1T Staff

Gene Haas is likely to delay his Formula 1 team debut until 2016, despite initial plans to join the grid next season.

The American has been granted an entry for 2015, but with the late decision from the FIA, he has the option to defer it until 2016, something he says he will now do after understanding the scale of the project.

"It just seems that it's taking longer to accomplish what we wanted to do than we thought," he told Motorsport.com earlier in the week.

"It's already June, so it's just seven months away and the timing issues are starting to get real crazy."

However progress is being made and he recently revealed that talks with engine supplier Ferrari are advanced, as are talks with chassis designer Dallara.

"We haven't exactly signed a formal contract [with Ferrari] but we're pretty close," he said.

As for Dallara and other suppliers, he added: "They all want to do it, they're all very interested in helping us.

"I think they are looking at it as a good long-time partnership but it just comes down to you have to order things and it takes time to order things and get things scheduled."