Alonso: 'Red Bull, Mercedes deserve their success'


29 May 2014 by Ryan Wood

Fernando Alonso says Red Bull and now Mercedes should be congratulated on their success because they deserve the reward for their hard work.

The Spaniard, who many believe to be growing increasingly tired of Ferrari's lack of competitiveness since he joined in 2010, praised the rival teams for simply "doing a better job".

"We saw Red Bull have a big advantage in the last four years and now we see a similar, or even more advantage for Mercedes, but it's the way it is," he said.

"Red Bull did a better job than the other teams, they deserve the championships they have.

"Mercedes is now leading both championships because they did a better job than the others - not only on the engine side, also on the car side.

"There are three or four teams with Mercedes engines that have the same possibilities and are one lap behind the two Mercedes."

Rather than Ferrari being downbeat by the gap to its chief rivals, Alonso believes the Italian team should be motivated further, knowing they can do better.

"They did something good and it's a motivation for us to work better, because we know there are some other teams exploiting the new cars in a better way," he concluded.