Hamilton has been faster than Rosberg - Coulthard

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9 June 2014 by Ryan Wood

Lewis Hamilton shouldn't worry too much about the 22 point gap Nico Rosberg now has, although difficult to overcome, the Briton has been consistently quicker than his team-mate according to David Coulthard.

The former F1 driver believes Hamilton has shown himself to be a stronger driver than Rosberg, despite missing out on victory in Monaco and now Canada.

Two of Hamilton's four victories this season have come in dominant fashion, whilst none of Rosberg's have excluding Australia where Hamilton retired early in the race.

His second retirement was costly given he was ahead of the German at the time, but it's not an insurmountable advantage.

"Hamilton's retirement has given him a lot of work to do in the drivers' championship; he is now 22 points behind Rosberg," Coulthard wrote in his BBC column.

"That's not good for him, obviously, but there are two things with which he can reassure himself.

"One is that there are double points at the last race. The other is that, while Rosberg is leading the championship, it is fair to say that the stronger driver over the first seven races has been Hamilton."

Hamilton must now push on and close the gap again.

"If the team are not criticising him for influencing the failures in Melbourne and Montreal - and they are not - then we have to assume he has done nothing wrong.

"Hamilton has been the faster, hungrier driver, so he just has to hold it together and keep chipping away."