F1 set to trial another noise boosting solution

Octane Photographic

19 June 2014 by Ryan Wood

Formula 1's noise dilemma could soon be solved with the go-ahead for another noise boosting test after the British Grand Prix in July.

Mercedes attempted to amplify the exhaust note by fitting a 'megaphone' style exit on their exhaust during a test in Barcelona earlier this year. However it failed to have the desired effect and was quickly dropped.

The FIA and Ferrari have been working with acoustic engineers in an effort to find another solution and they believe they've made some progress.

Their proposal is for a double exhaust and megaphone elements between the turbocharger and the wastegate within the power unit.

Testing has already taken place on the engine dyno and has been described as "encouraging", leading to the FIA giving the go-ahead for Ferrari to trial a prototype version at the next in-season test.

The complaints about noise have quietened recently, but the F1 Commission is still keen for the cars to be a little louder to appease those who are still upset by the new V6 engines.

The proposal would require a change in the regulations and therefore any permanent solution isn't likely to be introduced until the 2015 season, once the World Motor Sport Council has ratified the idea.