FIA gives details of how standing restarts will work


1 July 2014 by TF1T Staff

The FIA has confirmed details of how races will be restarted in 2015 following on from a safety car period, after it was confirmed during a World Motor Sport Council meeting that F1 will adopt standing restarts.

Once a safety car has been called out, the process will remain largely unchanged. The cars will circulate the track whilst the incident is cleared, before lapped cars are allowed to pass and unlap themselves.

Once that has been completed however, the safety car will be called in by the race director and the followings cars will proceed for another lap, with the leader setting the pace.

They will proceed to line up on the grid with the five start lights on red. Once all the remaining cars have lined up, the usual start procedure will take affect.

Whilst this is taking place, all but two team personnel from each outfit must return to the garage. The chosen two may remain on the pit wall to oversee the start.

Under certain circumstances however, a standing restart might not be used. Should an incident occur within the opening two laps of the race or the last five, the current system will be adopted.

The race director, Charlie Whiting, also has the discretion to go with a rolling start should he deem the 'conditions are unsuitable for a standing restart.'