Renault hope to be closer with 'interesting tweaks'

Red Bull Racing, Getty Images

8 July 2014 by TF1T Staff

Renault will try some "interesting tweaks" at the Silverstone two-day test session in the hope of moving a little closer to the front.

The power unit supplier is attempting to catch up with Ferrari and Renault, but recently admitted it would be difficult to do until the engine freeze is lifted over the winter.

However Remi Taffin is hopeful of making a step forward this week and says if all things go to plan, the updates will be used at the forthcoming German Grand Prix.

Our attention now turns to the test at Silverstone," he said. "We have some interesting tweaks to trial, including the latest wave of software upgrades.

"If they behave as expected we could use them from Germany onwards, which should put us a bit closer to the front."

Revieweing their British GP performance which saw Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo in 3rd, Sebastian Vettel 5th and the two Toro Rosso cars in 9th and 10th, Taffin called it an "acceptable result".

"After the problems we had in Austria and a difficult start to this weekend, a podium and four of the ten points' scoring positions is a more acceptable result for us.

"We can clearly see that the fastest cars are still some way ahead but the competition behind is extremely hard-fought and getting to the podium is not an easy task," he added.

"Today we were able to work with Red Bull to optimize our current configuration and give them the power to fight and overtake. Naturally we need to achieve more than third each race, but in the current configuration and on such a ‘power track’ as here, a podium is as much as we could have hoped for."