Mercedes demand clarification over FRIC ban


10 July 2014 by Ryan Wood

Mercedes have asked for clarification over a decision by the FIA to ban FRIC (front and rear inter-connected) suspension systems from the German Grand Prix.

Chairman Niki Lauda has questioned why, when the system has been on the Mercedes since 2012 and other cars for much longer, that a decision to ban it has come about so suddenly.

"The system has been used for two and a half years and all technical inspections have occurred without objection," he told Auto Motor und Sport.

"So it is difficult to understand why suddenly the perspective has changed.

"We don't want to invest any more in something that is against the rules," he added. "We want to know whether it is legal or illegal."

Lauda says that Mercedes will comply with any rule changes and are therefore likely to remove the system completely, particularly as it's believed some teams are willing to protest the German race as a result of the FIA's technical directive.