Honda wants points in every race and expects wins


27 July 2014 by TF1T Staff

Honda has big expectations for the 2015 season when it returns to Formula 1 as an exclusive engine supplier to the McLaren F1 team.

The Japanese company is to focus its efforts solely on the Woking outfit, unlike Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, which all have several customers each.

Honda F1 chief Yasuhisa Arai says they're not currently considering supplying more teams, instead choosing to pour their efforts into McLaren.

"We are not thinking about that [other customers]," he told Speedweek. "At the moment we want to concentrate only on our return for the 2015 season."

The manufacturer is targeting wins and nothing less when it returns according to Arai, despite its rivals having a years worth of on-track data to improve on over the winter period.

"To win grands prix with McLaren," he said when asked what their aim for 2015 is. "It is for this reason we decided to partner with McLaren. We want to make history.

"We expect points in every race; we expect victories."

Honda's last foray into the sport was as a works team. They pulled out after scoring just 14 points and finishing 9th in the championship.

Arai insists that season can't be used as a reference for their return.

"You cannot compare," he said. "We are approaching very differently in 2015, starting with the fact that we will no longer make the car ourselves."