Ecclestone's full-time return 'good news' - Wolff

1 September 2014 by TF1T Staff

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff has welcomed Bernie Ecclestone back to F1 full-time after the 83-year-old's legal problems in Germany diverted his attention away from the sport.

The billionaire has now resolved the matter after making a $100 million (£59m) payment to the German authorities to settle the court case.

Wolff welcomed the news that Ecclestone's full attention is now back on the sport.

"I think stability is important in Formula 1," he said. "I have seen a very strong Bernie coming back from the shutdown and coming back after the court case has been settled, and this is good news.

"Whatever the governance, or management of Formula One is going to be going forwards, I think the shareholders and Bernie are looking what is best for Formula One. For us I think it's important to have a strong guy, a strong leader, and good discussions.

"We had one in Belgium and I am sure there is lots of talking going on behind the scenes for the future, but for us it is very good that Bernie is fully concentrated, back in shape and strong leading the organisation at this stage."