Mercedes would consider driver line-up change


4 September 2014 by Ryan Wood

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has admitted that the team would have to consider changing its driver line-up if they're unable to manage the current pairing of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

The pair have been locked in an intense battle on and off track since the start of the season. Their relationship began to fall apart in Monaco and has failed to fully recover since, in fact it has only worsened with the problems in Hungary and Belgium.

Rosberg was punished for his part in their Spa clash and the pair have been warned against further disruption. If disciplinary action fails to deter them, Wolff says Mercedes would have no other option but to change one or both of their drivers.

"We would have to take decisions and take the consequences of having a different line-up," the Austrian told the BBC.

"If we are not able to manage the two of them following the Mercedes-Benz spirit then we need to admit that," he stated.

When pushed on how Rosberg was disciplined - rumours suggest a six-figure fine - he refused to be drawn on the details and said he hoped it would be the last time he'd have to punish a driver.

"When you are managing a team it is very important to keep it balanced. I would very much like the penalties we have been implementing to stay within the team because it is just not fair on the driver to discuss that in public.

"We have made it very clear this is an unacceptable scenario for us, for both of them. We don't want this to happen ever again."